Your SEO Suck? You are Probably the Reason, Here’s How to Fix It


One major reason why you are missing a huge increase in your websites search engine rankings. The most horrible feeling in the world is about to come over you because it is all your fault. You are your own worst enemy. We are not talking about some easily dismissed or soon to be penalized by Google strategy either.

This is What Website Profiles Are Missing, Especially if you are an “SEO”

The problem presents itself because you are very good at your job. You are great!

In Fact…

You make sure you go through every link you “earn”. You place very precise guest post links on only the most trusted blogs. You make sure your Personal Blog Network has all kinds of “super hiddenness” to it. When you look at your websites backlink profile, you know about every link, exactly where it came from, and how you got it.

This is the problem.

You Are Influencing Your Rankings

When you have your finger on your backlink profile so much, you are missing on some really significant links (major Algorithm indicators) that will add “Diversity” into your backlink profile.

To sum it up… Your profile is way too sculpted.

Diversity has become a lost word in our “SEO Crazed”, Google Zoo Animal, & “Content Is King” industry vernacular.

Example of Diversity Keeping Rankings Down

Realize first that when you are going after long tail keywords and low competition keywords, you probably will outrank your competition because you read my articles and understand how to properly SEO your site.

We are talking about going after those 10k plus a month searches with medium to high competition with literally hundreds of thousands of websites trying to go after that same keyword. Many times you show up on the first page for these rankings with your “Perfect SEO” approach.

Recently I was looking at a competitive keyword.

15,600 Local Searches, Medium Competition

I used Raven Tools and Cognitive SEO’s tools to analyze the data for the top 10 competitors.

The anomaly that I had seen many times was there. The person in the 8th position should have been number 1. They were perfect. The links were all solid and they all had great authority, trust, and relevance.

This was of course not the first time I had noticed this. In fact I knew I could take over the eighth spot because of it.

Diversity in Backlinks is Critical

The backlink profile was full of great links:

  • Guest Blog Post on other sites
  • Mentions on Large Authority Sites
  • Personal Blog Network Links

It was a work of art.

That is the problem. There was no diversity. Every link was tailor made. It literally is like they are telling Google: Sponsored by an “SEO Firm.”

The number one most overlooked, yet most important ranking factor is…

Diversity is definitely not talked about and obviously not practiced in the post Google penalty days. We all have learned to have our hand on the link profile a bit too much.

Now I am not saying let it go and gain a ton of bad links. This is quite the opposite. I am saying to diversify where your great links are coming from.

Why Diversity is So Important

When you look at the profile of large authority sites then you notice a level of diversity. This tells you that not every link needs to come from a blog mention or guest post article that you have been out promoting.

We have all listened to the “content marketing is king” a bit too much. We have taken our eyes off the fact that a wide variety of links are available and even natural.

Make sure you take some time and try some various strategies to gain a more natural looking link profile.

Top 9 Diverse Links to Make Sure You Are Gaining On Your Site

  1. Guest Blogging: I realize most of us are doing this. Target the top and work your way to the bottom of the list. Find every guest post you can. Take the crappy ones and add links to authority sites in your post along with your links to reduce your footprint.
  2. Social Signals: Stop buying faking signals and gain some real ones! If you are going to buy social signals then either pay for ads or do a large social give away.
  3. Link Bait: Write something controversial or something really epic with thought leadership and entice people to try and one up you. Create some buzz around your subject and watch the links fly to you as a reference.
  4. Forum Links: That is right. There are probably some other people in your niche that are posting helpful post and even answering questions on forums around your niche. Amazing concept to actually help other people out…
  5. Article Syndication: Grow a network that syndicates content. Look at, think they have been penalized?
  6. Blog Comments: I am not telling you to go order a crappy blog comment service. This is not black hat. Use Buzzsumo or Ahrefs content explorer and actually read the content then leave an inspiring valuable comment about it.
  7. Press Release Distribution: Follow the Google Law as far as the links you insert into it. Forget using any of the free ones as well.
  8. Personal Blog Network: Don’t just throw up old sites from dropped domains and put thin content up. Build out an actual site and try to get traffic to it as well. Have a reason you are creating each and every site along with a game plan for content, SEO, and keywords.
  9. Web 2.0: Don’t use crappy software or hire some bad service to make broken Spanglish web 2.0’s. Make a good looking Web 2.0 and write something great and then link back to your site as reference. One that same note you should try document, video, and infographic sharing sites as well.
  10. Bonus Tip: Check out Wikipedia’s large database of broken links and find ways to give back by contributing to building great content they can use.

The overall complexity is not hard for this strategy. It is just overlooked because we have become so watchful that we forgot the importance of naturalness. If you are needing that next big jump in your rankings and couldn’t figure out what you could do next.

Tackle one of the nine above that you never do and see what some real diversity does for your rankings.


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