Why Businesses Are Making the Journey to the Cloud [Infographic]


    No matter what business you are in, the best way to strike a balance between work and life and also to grow with the times is by utilizing the cloud. We all know by this point that the cloud is just someone else’s computer that is accessed remotely, but still there is a great deal of apprehension surrounding its adoption. The cloud can give you the agility to get work done anywhere while giving your business the opportunity to scale at a moment’s notice. Why aren’t all businesses making the journey to the cloud?

    Way back in the 1950s when computing first became a reality for enterprise, computers were still far too expensive for the average employee to each have their own. Mainframe computing was the solution to that problem, allowing dummy terminals to access data via a single point, an obvious first step toward cloud computing. In the 1970s those computers could still only run one operating system at a time, which paved the way for virtual machines to run two or more operating systems in a single space. Then by the 1990s, the internet was taking hold and multiple intranets could be tied together, while VPNs, or virtual private networks, were created to give people shared access to a fixed point structure.

    The cloud as we know it today has actually been around since the late 1990s, and in the early days, the cloud was meant to express the distance between the user and the provider. As people became increasingly comfortable with the internet cloud usage grew, despite the fact that many people don’t understand they are already using the cloud in many ways.

    Today 93% of organizations use the cloud in some form. There are multiple types of clouds from which to choose, so every business has a cloud solution. Learn more about the journey to the cloud from this infographic!

    Infographic Courtesy of CBTS

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