What it Means to Go On a Digital Detox


In today’s modern age, everything seems to be digital, from our banking to our dating profiles. Between the draw of the internet and convenience that technology has to offer, it’s no wonder why so many people depend on technology like a pack of cigarettes.  

However, depending on our devices too much can lead to an imbalance. People start risking interacting less with friends and family, and they start to depend on their phones and computers to do things for them rather than putting the work. As a result, people are suffering the consequences.  From shorter attention spans to increased chance of depression, it comes with a price. 

This is where a digital detox comes in handy.  A detox involves creating a healthier relationship with technology, and finding balance in your life. Here are a few of the things that a digital detox involves. 

Getting Rid Of Alerts and Notifications

This digital era has turned many of us into notification junkies. The minute our phones make the slightest noise, we get a rush of excitement. We start to depend on our phones to make us feel validated.

This addiction to people “liking” our posts or commenting is no different from any other kind of addiction. If you get to the point where you stop everything to read your notifications, then it may be time to disable comments and notifications from your accounts. 

Use Your Phone Only When Necessary

A detox doesn’t mean giving up your phone entirely. However, you should be more aware of why you’re using it. Rather than mindlessly pulling out your device throughout the day, make an effort to use it with intention.

Are you using it to call a friend? Are you inputting an event into your calendar? By eliminating mindless scrolling, it’s possible to take back hours of your day. 

Set Times During The Day When You “Fast” From Anything Electronic

It’s important to “tune out” once in a while. One of the best ways to do that is to “fast” from electronics. That means putting your phone in a drawer, turning your tv off, and doing something that doesn’t involve electricity whatsoever (maybe a lightbulb or two, but that’s it). If you have a website, stop obsessively checking your SEO rankings

Set Realistic Goals

Much like dieting, the only way that you’ll likely stick to it is if you allow yourself a little wiggle room. Setting goals that are unattainable and unrealistic will only lead to premature burnout.

Put Your Phone Away At Night

The time before you fall asleep is precious. Those are the moments that you set the tone for the day ahead of you. Rather than spending up to hours scrolling your phone, put your phone away. Consider reading or listening to a meditative recording before bedtime. Not only will you fall asleep sooner, but you’ll have a better nights sleep!


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