Top SAAS Marketing Resources {Take Action And Get Users Edition}


With millions being spent on SAAS marketing, it’s become essential to understand the inner workings of modern-day marketing campaigns. Businesses appreciate the value of Service as a Software marketing but it has to start with a solid foundation. To see progress and continue to develop a world-class business with positive returns, it’s best to have appropriate resources on hand. This information can be useful in determining what’s the best method for bringing in new leads. Take your idea and develop it into a brand just like John Holahan.

Here is a look at the top SAAS marketing resources.

1. 11 Tips for a Pricing Page from 10 SaaS Rockstars

The sales funnel is comprised of various parts such as the advertisement, landing page, CTAs, and the concluding pricing page. While developing this funnel, businesses often lose sight of the journey and automatically think about their balance sheet. While this might be a good idea, it leads to numerous mistakes that are impossible to handle without appropriate changes. This robust guide for maximizing a pricing page will help illustrate what works and what does not. It breaks down the intricacies of a well-designed pricing page and how it’s supposed to be set up. If the pricing page isn’t well-equipped, the rest of the funnel is going to be useless. This is something SAAS businesses have learned the hard way over the years. However, this guide changes things and makes it simpler than ever before.

To demonstrate why their strategies are helpful, the guide points out ten SAAS successes that have taken these strategies and turned into massive companies. These tips aren’t simple solutions but well-laid out techniques that can be used to optimize any pricing page. It takes a glance at the various components of a good pricing page and how a lead’s psychology has to be used to the company’s advantage. If this information is not picked up on, it can lead to inefficiencies and that’s when a pricing page falls apart. By using this guide, the business will be able to optimize the pricing page and quickly increase its conversion rate.

2. Online Marketing Guide for B2B and B2C SaaS Companies

This amazing guide

Too many guides focus on one type of SAAS marketing (i.e. B2C) and those can be one-sided when it comes to perspective. This resource takes a step away from a one-sided analysis and begins to dissect various segments of the SAAS industry including B2B. By understanding both the consumer and business sides of the industry, it becomes easier to implement new strategies that crossover from one to the other. This guide does a tremendous job of assessing what works and how to implement it the right way. By using the strategies listed in this guide, SAAS companies can begin to develop well-rounded marketing campaigns.

The guide looks at various details including:

  • KPIs
  • Content Creation
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Branding
  • Persona Creation

It’s the depth of information that will leave one satisfied with their approach. Running a SAAS marketing campaign requires due diligence. Otherwise, the campaign will never reach the heights its destined for. With the help of this resource, companies can start to understand the intricacies of a well-designed campaign and how it can be built from the ground up using modern methods. By understanding each aspect of a good marketing campaign, it’s easier to mimic the advice and use it for significant growth.

3. SaaS Metrics 2.0

This Guide

One of the greatest challenges for SAAS companies is recognizing the difference between their business and a traditional enterprise. A “brick and mortar” business is never going to have the same marketing needs as a SAAS company. While some businesses take a long time to understand the difference, others are able to pick up on it immediately. This is why a robust 8,000-word guide such as this is an intriguing read. It takes the opportunity to break down the differences and highlight where SAAS companies may be going wrong with their campaigns.

SAAS Metrics 2.0 is a wonderful assessment of modern-day SAAS companies and what they should be looking at when it comes to marketing. The guide is able to analyze the various metrics while providing detailed real-world examples at the same time. This level of depth is of utmost importance as businesses hope to build a great personalized campaign of their own. By having this data on hand and being able to dissect it, a SAAS company can start to reach greater heights in a shorter period of time. This is the beauty of a well-rounded guide like SAAS Metrics 2.0.

4. SaaS Marketing Plan: 5 Ways to Get Your App to Sell Itself

This Guide

The greatest businesses in the world are the ones that integrate themselves into a user’s life and become necessary. Until this emotion is brought out, the target audience will never convert into a full-time user. This is why SAAS companies such as Dropbox and PayPal were able to dominate in their niches. Everyone was looking for a robust file storage setup like Dropbox and it served the need well. The average user integrated this into his/her life and Dropbox immediately had a long-term customer on their hands. This is why a good SAAS marketing plan has to build a quality app so it sells itself.

This guide takes the opportunity to highlight what the app should do so it sells automatically. Pushing aggressive marketing campaigns might work for a little bit but the real charm is a well-designed app that can sell on its own. As a resource, this read is able to highlight some of the mechanisms involved in creating this image and having a robust brand that is able to snowball into a tremendous success. Being able to launch a great app that has all the advantages one needs can make all the difference. This guide includes tips on behavioral psychology, sign-up hacks, and how to complete the sale as soon as the lead enters your pricing page.

5. How 9 SaaS Companies Hacked Their Growth

This Guide

The heart of a world-class SAAS business is its user base. If there aren’t enough users using the service, how will it grow and lead to greater earnings? This is why understanding the beauty of world-class SAAS marketing campaigns has become important. This tremendous resource created by Kissmetrics analyzes the nuances of building a robust marketing setup and ensuring modern-day growth hacking techniques are implemented.

This guide is a beautiful look into some of the leading businesses in this industry and how they were able to use growth hacking methods to develop their user base. It didn’t happen overnight nor did it occur due to some miracle solution. The businesses had to work hard on understanding what helped push their user base metrics upwards. Some of these businesses are now well known such as DropBox and Paypal. Kissmetrics takes the time to spell out how these companies took the time to recognize key details before using them to their advantage.

These changes included the implementation of mailing lists, trials (freemiums), and more. The guide does a wonderful job of breaking these tips down and illustrating the ways any SAAS company can use them. This is the ultimate solution for any new SAAS company looking to make headway in their niche. Without this information, it might be hard to make use of key growth hacking techniques that are being implemented at all levels.

Final Thoughts

These resources have been created by some of the brightest minds in SAAS marketing and include an incredible amount of detail. Take the time to read through each one while noting down key advice.


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