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Throwing The Perfect Bachelor Party In Chicago


Maybe you just had “the conversation”: your buddy sat you down and asked if you would take on the momentous task of planning their bachelor party, their last night of semi-singledom before taking the big plunge. Or maybe you and your buddy had that conversation with you months ago and you’re only just now getting around to planning it, freaking out because you’ve left everything to the last minute. It doesn’t matter if you have a half a year or a half a week to plan a bachelor party, you can still do it right. Here are some tips for throwing the ultimate bachelor party here in Chicago.

Firstly, make sure that you invite the right people. If your friend hasn’t expressly told you who they want at their party, it’s on you to make the invites. A good place to start would obviously be inviting his groomsmen, then past that you’ll want to do some digging around. Most people have more than one friend group – one from high school or college, perhaps, one from work and another from some random hobby they have. Remember, the bachelor party is about your buddy, so make a concerted effort to invite a wide variety of his friends.

The problem that presents itself, obviously, once you’ve invited an eclectic mix of people is how to make sure that everyone has a good time together. You can’t just hope to throw a group of people in a bar together and hope that they’ll all get along swimmingly. You need some kind of icebreaker, one that befits a bachelor. For this, try an axe throwing bachelor party to begin with. Axe throwing is exactly as it sounds: you get to throw axes at a target, competing to see who can hit the bull’s eye. It’s like darts, except about a hundred times more badass. This kind of activity works well as an icebreaker, because everyone is probably trying it for the first time, and the atmosphere of casual competitiveness brings everyone together.

It’s also good to start the evening with some light physical activity, because things are about to get decadent. After you go axe throwing, try hitting up a steakhouse. If you’re noticing a theme here, you’re spot on: these are the most stereotypically “manly” activities out there, a perfect way to send off your buddy to the marital life. Order you’re friend the biggest steak on the menu, and make sure he chases it down with the biggest, strongest drink they have. He’ll need a solid base, because next up you’re going to the bar… or rather, bars.

By far, the most densely concentrated bar area is Clark Street with an impressive 17 bars per mile, so it’s the prime candidate for a bar crawl. Before the big bachelor party day, reach out to everyone coming and see if they’ll throw in a bit of money – 10 to 15 dollar should do it – so that there’s a pool of money for the bachelor’s drinks. He shouldn’t have to pay for anything, after all. Just make sure you leave a little money to get a late night snack – a hot dog, Italian beef or pork chop sandwich should hit the spot.

As you can see, you don’t need to move mountains in order to throw a great bachelor party. Just grab an eclectic group of friends, start with an icebreaker, load up on dinner and then hit the town in style!



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