This is Why you Should Upgrade your Board Portal Software Today


Having the right tools has always been vital for success in business. This has never been truer than in the 21st century, when rapid technological change is constantly creating new ways of working.

One of the most fertile areas of tech development has been the world of communications. Technologies that were state-of-the-art only twenty years ago have now become obsolete, and companies that want to stay ahead need to be constantly re-evaluating whether or not they should adopt new tech solutions to help communication flows.

A prime example of this is board portal communication software. Businesses, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations of all sizes have long relied on portal tools to help streamline communications, disseminate information, and foster collaboration more easily.

But recent years have seen major developments in the portal software world, and the latest versions of portal software are saving organizations huge amounts of time and energy by creating more intuitive ways of connecting board members to each other and to the board manager.

If you rely on board portal software to manage your board communications, here are three reasons you should consider finding a provider who can offer cutting edge portal solutions:



If you want to know what to look for in your next board management software it is important to remember that the modern director is constantly on the move. Providing portal solutions that offer secure access from anywhere in the world is key if you want directors to be able to get the most out of the software.

New board portal software from companies like Aprio is available as a self-contained mobile app, which means that all the information a director needs is accessible instantly: they will literally have the entire archive of board documents, plus agendas, memos, communications, and whatever annotations they or their fellow directors have added at their fingertips.


2.Ease and Security

One of the chief reasons board managers choose to adopt portal software is to increase the ease and security of communication. With cyber crime rates at historic highs, no organization should assume that information it sends through conventional channels like email or SMS is secure. Portal software is one way to make sure that communications at the highest levels are protected.

The most advanced portal software options are protected with sophisticated encryption, and are designed to ensure that only the directors who have been given access to the portal are able to use the app.


3.Excellent Customer Support

As with any software tool an organization relies on to manage its day-to-day operations, a strong customer support component is essential. It is now possible to find portal software that has twenty-four-hour customer support, which means that if any problems do crop up, they can be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Upgrading to new communications tech isn’t just about better functionality, though of course this is important. Upgrading to new tech is fundamentally about remaining competitive and making it easier for board members to address the pressing issues facing their organizations.

New portal software provides an expanded range of tools to help board members get the job done. Exploring options from providers like Aprio is an excellent way of staying ahead of the industry curve by finding better ways to work.


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