The New Age Social Media Influencer Marketing

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Using influencer for promotions is becoming an integral part of Social Media Marketing to wield influence on prospective buyers, inspiring them to buy products and services endorsed by a prominent individual. Read on to find out more about this relatively new tool of marketing and brand promotion!

The Social Media Influencer Marketing can lend credibility to the product resulting in higher cash conversion by the customer. This paid form of digital marketing benefits the company as well as the influencers.

Who is A Social Media Influencer?

A Social Media Influencer is someone who can be used as a channel to build relationships with the buyers. They reach the target consumers using their blogs, websites, and social networking sites. Using them to promote the product is beneficial on multiple levels such as:

  • Peer recommendation deemed as trustworthy: Using social media influencers inject a personal touch to the product making it trustworthier, in the eyes of the buyer.

  • Higher Reach: The Social Media Influencer provides an attentive market of core demographic bringing higher visibility through mediums like Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.

  • Building Relationships: Using their reach, the Influencer can build a meaningful relationship between their followers and the company they are promoting.

Use of Social Media Influencer in Marketing

For successful implementation of Social Media Influencer on public platforms, it is important:

  • Identify the Social Media Influencer: It is about choosing a person whose opinion will be trusted by the target customers. They could be an expert, a blogger, an activist or a celebrity.

  • Develop a mutually advantageous partnership: where the influencers also benefit from associating with the brand in the form of financial rewards, expansion of social network and creative freedom for authentic promotion of the product.

  • Expand your choice of Influencers:  While entertainers and Sportspersons are an ideal choice, widen your choice of the brand advocate to bloggers, activists, artists, entrepreneurs, etc. for a real connection.

  • Choose the ones who love your product: A social media influencer is of the best inbound marketers. It is, therefore, vital to engage someone who loves using your product, making its promotion more convincing.


Although newer addition, a well thought out Social Media Influencer Marketing can benefit your brand by bringing higher visibility and brand awareness.

It is, however, essential to identify a model Influencer who enjoys your brand’s offering and will have a positive connection with the target market. A right influencer is definitely a long-term investment, bringing decent returns on investment.


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