Positioning Yourself As An AI Speaker


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of those things that many people have heard of and are familiar with, but they don’t fully understand its capabilities. When you consider many of the initiatives being put into place and how it’s playing a role in our government, it’s no wonder that many experts are being asked to speak about it at national events and conferences.

Because there is such a demand for AI speakers, this is the best time to position yourself as an authority on the topic as it can greatly improve your career and future business opportunities. If you have been considering the idea of giving presentations at conferences, here are some things to keep in mind as you venture down this path:

Speaking Opportunities

Being asked to speak in front of an organization or event tacitly implies endorsement of the speaker as a person with insight and quality information, if not of the speaker’s views or product offerings themselves. While this is not universally true, in the subconscious minds of many, a speaker being granted a podium by an organization means that the organization values the input of that individual. 

The truth of this lies in the fact that time is a valuable commodity at any conference or gathering, as well as in business or our personal lives. A speaker’s information should be of great enough value to warrant the time given. Be sure to include information in the presentation which will justify your value in the mind of the audience. According to many of the leading AI speakers, it is better to over saturate with information than to leave the audience feeling like their time was wasted. 

Managing Your Brand

Do not take the reputation boost of a conference or organizational “endorsement” lightly; it can have great value in relationship building, brand building and business metrics. On the flip side, failing to deliver can cause harm in those areas which will be difficult to repair. Be well prepared and well rehearsed well ahead of the presentation to be sure that things go smoothly.

According to the Coaching Institute, if you want to be taken seriously and seen as an expert in your industry, it is important that you put a great deal of thought into how you position yourself and how well-prepared you are. As the saying goes, “Image is everything” and how you are perceived by colleagues and peers can be the difference of being paid $2500 to $25,000 to speak at an event.

Promotional Materials

Speaking engagements can easily be converted in to promotional material with the use of simple recording and presentation software. This is one area which has become increasingly true in the age of new media. PowerPoint presentations are easily converted to use on websites and email marketing. They can also be readily converted to YouTube videos. 

With the growing impact of social networking sites on business, the use of i-commerce media such as these is even more useful. Pushing links to videos and presentations through Facebook and Twitter, or promoting them on LinkedIn can offer great low labor sources of business. These sites are also free sources, meaning there is not the high cost of advertising often associate with traditional media. Couple the presentations with videos of a speaker and audience participation, an infomercial can be a short edit away. 

Using Brochures

Brochures, which can serve as informational aids in a AI presentation can also be used as marketing materials. A speaking engagement can also provide the opportunity to get information from potential customers and existing customers to build a better Customer Relations Database for marketing campaigns. Never fail to take advantage of opportunities to further your marketing efforts.

Build Your Brand With Speaking

The opportunity to speak is one that must be actively sought out, not passively awaited. While well known AI speakers may be sought out and able to rely on unsolicited requests, most speakers cannot. Speak with trade show promoters, industry leaders, community organizations and Chambers of Commerce; let them know of your interest in speaking, your credentials and the areas which you are considered an expert speaker. 

Submit papers for conferences and proposals for presentations. A speaker will likely need to submit many times to many sources to get one prime speaking opportunity. Work on the presentations with smaller groups and hone speaking skills before looking for large venues. 

Learn From Your Speaking Engagements

Every opportunity to speak is also an opportunity to learn, grow and refine your presentations. Seek honest feedback from those who attend and use that feedback to improve. If a formal survey is possible, use one, if not, garner information through social interactions after the presentation. 

It’s important that you invest the time in learning how to improve your speaking skills if you want to be considered an expert on artificial intelligence. Your ability to effectively communicate and demonstrate your insights will have a great impact on how you position yourself as an expert in this growing field.


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