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When you know you need to make changes to your computer, you have to ask yourself if you need a few modifications or an entirely new PC. Sometimes forums and review sites are enough for upgrades, but it’s an entirely new thing to have to build an entire PC. You have to rely on the best sites for PC building to make sure you get your computer right, or else you’re going to spend thousands down the drain.

Best PC Building Site

Some might think review sites are enough to build yourself a good computer. This is partly true, however, there are a few disadvantages:

  • The “build” itself is only just as good as the author or the creator. This means if the said author will leave the review site, then the quality of other builds cannot be assured.
  • Finding sections for PC building can be difficult in review sites, because they tend to have separate sections for news, reviews, and updates. This can be very inconvenient, especially if you want to build your PC now.

Best in PC Building Sites: The Criteria

So, what exactly makes a building site the best PC building site? Different PCs need different builds, especially if you want to get them do specific tasks. This means the sites where you’d be getting the builds from must be equipped with the right tools to help you.

Here are some criteria that might help:

  • Navigation: Just how easy is it for you to navigate the site? This is essential, as it can discourage potential viewers to tour the website if the layout is confusing. Your optimal PC building site must be easy to navigate, especially if you have to look at builds, specs, and specific products. If it takes time to tour the website, then it’s probably not for you.
  • Layout: Apart from navigation, the way the website’s layout is presented must be friendly to the eyes. You should be able to discern specific parts of the website clearly so you can find sections you’re interested in. The information you want to find, especially specifications and reviews, must be presented in a clear manner. This is especially the case when you’re looking at builds themselves, as you must be able to see important information – such as a quick rundown of specs, a quick review, and prices.
  • Information: In speaking of information, your PC building website must be able to provide you with clear and accurate information. PC building is a careful process, and PC parts such as drivers tend to be very sensitive. The ideal PC building site must be able to present valuable information such as price, specs, and reviews properly for your benefit.
  • Community: Most PC building websites have their own community. This can be in a form of a forum, or simply a chance to comment on and rate builds through a comments section. Regardless, the ideal PC building site has an active and helpful community. This means you should check if the comments section or the forums of the website are regularly updated, and if there are members that actively give out responses as well. This gives you a guarantee that if there are questions on your end, you can easily get responses.
  • Location: This criterion can be weird, given how a website is accessed globally. However, if the PC building site you’re seeing has a shipping option, try to check if some of its members are from your local area. This is better if they are an active member, as you can talk with them to see how the PC site performs when it comes to these services.

PC Building Websites

Here are finally some PC building websites you could check out to see if they are up for the task. They will also be rated based on the criteria given above.


Gamers will love iBUYPOWER and its sleek website. Its easy-to-access sections afford you the opportunity to check out the latest deals in gaming PCs and laptops, and even build your own.

Their easy clicking system gives you an air of sophistication, as not only it allows you to mix and match components, it also gives you a quick preview of the price of the entire build.

  • Navigation: The site is presented in a linear format, which allows you to access daily deals, the best laptops and desktops for gaming, and the option to customize your own PC build.
  • Layout: iBUYPOWER has a layout fit for tech enthusiasts. If you’re into tech, you would love the sleek black layout with red highlights. The minimalist approach presents the most important information to you in chunks, which you could read further when you go to certain parts of the site. This grants you the capability to scan the site for useful content, and skim through the ones you don’t want to read as of the moment.
  • Information: When customizing your own build, the base necessities are there for you to check out. The components you can add have image previews on different angles, and they have basic specifications for you to assess. They don’t seem to allow you to access reviews of a specific component, however, which means you have to check them out yourself.
  • Community: An interesting feature seems to be an option to talk to one of iBUYPOWER’s staff while building your own PC. This seems to be great as it allows you to directly chat with people that can help you build your PC.
  • Location: Some builds have certain shipping fees, and others have completely free shipping. This seems to depend where you are in the world. When coupled with the chat option, it appears iBUYPOWER PC will have quick responses should you inquire about your specific location.


ORIGIN PC proves that professional computers can be built with style and efficiency. The website offers quite a sophisticated layout that gives a taste of the power of their devices. Gamers and professionals alike will like the depth of the website.

  • Layout: ORIGIN PC is like a gamer’s personal heaven. Its sophisticated black and red setup is common for professional gaming, and there’s no lack of images and texts for details in the site. You can easily read through components and essential details in short chunks of text, which makes it easy on the eyes.
  • Navigation: There’s no shortage of features on the website. Not only can you build your own PC, but there are already-built systems for sale, and components that have their own reviews. There’s also the latest technology news in the PC building scheme, rife with news on components and other upcoming products.
  • Information: There’s no lack of information for the curious, which makes ORIGIN PC a good place to find specifics when it comes to products. There are multiple reviews and specific sections dedicated to building, buying, and checking out gear.
  • Community: ORIGIN PC has a strong community, as not only does it have a forum, it also has a blog and a Twitch Prime channel. This gives you plenty of means to contact them and fellow ORIGIN PC enthusiasts for questions.
  • Location: The ORIGIN PC forum seems active, and the site praises a 24/7 United States-based customer service. This means ORIGIN PC’s services may be for you if you live in the United States.


CyberPowerPC differs from a lot of PC building websites as it presents itself more as a publication-and-building site than just simply a PC building-oriented site. This in itself is an advantage, as it opens itself to a lot of prospective viewers.

  • Layout: Unlike other PC building sites, CyberPowerPC has a cleaner layout for its website. The gray color scheme definitely works to emphasize color and other information on the site. The text and images also work together to present their products really well.
  • Navigation: The site has multiple sections dedicated to exclusive deals, gaming devices, virtual reality-ready components, and PC building. This allows users to have a wide variety of options while checking the site.
  • Information: CyberPowerPC offers custom building services and reviews as well. This gives you plenty of room to check out specifications and impressions on products you may want to purchase with your PC.
  • Community: Given its nature as a publication as well, CyberPowerPC offers comments with its products and customer service for you to contact. This provides a more personal setup should you want to inquire about the build you’re getting.
  • Location: California-based CyberPowerPC could be accessed best by those in the United States. However, it does have its own community thanks to its blog, which allows you to check on reviews for its shipping services as well.

Best Computer Building Site

Unfortunately, it will be very difficult to give a general “best” PC building site given how certain PCs are built for certain tasks. This means there’s no “best” for everyone, and it more or less depends on how a certain site fits your level of standards.

  • For instance, some websites work best because for some, the layout is simple and easy to access. These websites tend to sacrifice detailed reports for the sake of easier-to-comprehend statistics and builds.
  • Meanwhile, others may be more comfortable with the polar opposite. They prefer websites heavy on information, so they can read up on specs and other specific parts of a build. These websites can be overwhelming for people new to PC building.

This means the best PC building site will be up for the kind of PC you want to build. The websites above belong to the top-tier of computer building sites based on their features. If you have other site suggestions and comments, share them with other readers below!


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