Why Content How Is Building Entrepreneurs


The results brought by Content How are obviously the reason our clients are continually loyal to us. We are not trying to take over the world. We want a handful of great clients that we can become a big part of their inbound marketing strategy.

This comes with one small disclaimer that every customer should know.

Pay It Forward

When we start with a client we ask them to pay it forward when they have success.

This concept is simple but we want to make sure you understand it.

When your business is reaching another level because of the one on one sessions with Content How, we ask that every business tell their friends in a one on one meeting with them, about the services and strategy that could help them.

We don’t ask that you tell them about Content How, we would love it if you do, but we simply ask that you take the time to talk through an inbound marketing strategy as we have taught you with your friends.

Our Business Is Built on This Concept

When you are talking SEO, Content Marketing, and Inbound marketing… our concept is simple. We make sure that our clients are successful and not just ranking on Google.

This goes back to our core beliefs:

The Complete Strategy Guide

  1. Do What You Say
  2. Double What You Have
  3. Put Others First

As you see in our strategy guide, we always want to make sure others are benefiting from everything we do. We want to grow a large following of “Pay it forward.”

The Concept Is Easy

If your business is successful because of a strategy then there are applications that other businesses will gain when they understand that strategy. By paying it forward you are helping another company grow.

We feel that putting others first is a large distinguishing moment in your company and ours.

Most businesses need advice from successful entrepreneurs and that simple concept seems to be over looked in today’s business culture. With the introduction of ownership there is a certain amount of greed that has come into the market place.

Content How Is Built on This Concept

Realize we are not asking for referrals. We are utilizing this concept in our business. We have two younger founders that are following this same concept.

They are building the business. As they get busy with life their job is to teach another student in their school the same concepts that I taught them. They should also improve on the concepts that were taught to them.

This pay it forward will build a following of entrepreneurs over the course of time. We are a for profit business so this will absolutely build an income stream for college and high school students overtime.

This Concept Is Needed Today More Than Ever

I first thought that school was preparing our young people for the business world. That is until I started hiring some. There are those that dabble in outside of school opportunities, those are normally more prepared.

The average college graduate is not ready for a business, to run, to work, or to offer a new set of eyes that will grow it.

Wisdom Comes With Experience and Application

The business books today are written to gain a huge amount of following. That is great. The problem is that no one is gaining the application of the principles of those books.

The experience is skipped over.

Once they have heard a sound piece of business advice from you then they can start applying it. Then they have someone they trust there in order to see it through.

This will grow their business and help you start a “master mind” group.

The Hardest Part of This Ask

When you are dedicating a portion of your time to pay it forward. You are having to take time out of your schedule that is “unpaid” in order to help them with execution.

This may seem counter-productive but trust me. You will gain more from showing the application to your friend than you will with whatever those couple hours would have netted in your own business.

  • You will find applications in your business that you are missing
  • You will see the process more clearly
  • Your emotions will be down letting you see clearly for once
  • You will gain confidence
  • You will gain a sense of philanthropy

Pay it forward and see what happens. We know that you will absolutely love it if you try it.


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