How to Get the Hang of This Manscaping Business


Grooming your private parts isn’t just standard for women nowadays. Many men are joining the bandwagon as well and it’s no doubt here to stay. In fact, it even has its own term which is called manscaping. If you’re wondering how such trend caught on, there are actually a lot of benefits to it so why not give it a try yourself?

If your answer is in the affirmative, hold your horses as of yet because there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind. For instance, you need to have the right products on hand as well as the proper tool to make sure you have a good, smooth shave. So make sure you read on to get to know how to do proper manscaping on your family jewels!

Skin Shaving Products You Should Buy

There are a couple of rituals you have to undertake before going to the actual shave. For starters, you have to first clean and exfoliate the skin down there. You also have to use the right products to ensure your safety and the end result is as smooth as it gets. This means prepping your skin to its best condition before shaving.

Since the skin in the area is pretty sensitive, it’s best to use products that are hypoallergenic. This means that its ingredients wouldn’t irritate or harm your skin in any way.

Avoid products with ingredients that can cause red spots, bumps, ingrown hair, and irritation. The usual culprits for such are the following: fragrance, mineral oil, citrus,  carcinogens (ingredients that can cause cancer). Cooling ingredients like menthol and eucalyptus and menthol should also be steered clear of.

The above ingredients can cause discomfort that’s might be difficult to deal with than normal since it’s situated in a tricky part of your body.

The Keys to a Smoother Shave

Showering, cleansing, and exfoliation are definitely keys to having a smooth shave. Showering softens up pubes so nothing gets stuck while shaving the area. While cleansing and exfoliation, on the other hand, eliminates dead skin cells for an easier glide of your trimmer or shaver as well as keeps ingrown hairs from arising since that can cause redness or infection.

The best cleansing and exfoliating products are made with ingredients that can be used for sensitive skin. Cleansers should be gentle and exfoliants with soft beads like ground walnut and jojoba so it won’t be harsh on your skin. It should still be strong enough to remove dead skin cells and clear hair follicles to get rid of any clogged dirt.

To cleanse or exfoliate, just pour out a pea-size amount and lightly apply in your private area. After application, rinse with lukewarm water to properly remove any sort of residue as well as open up your pores for a much smoother shave.

The Right Tools for Manscaping

The right tools are essential for a good shave. It makes sure you do things safely and nothing gets unnecessarily nicked, provided you handle everything with care.

For a good start, make sure you have a quality electric hair trimmer that’s meant for below-the-belt use. This no doubt much easier to maneuver and makes for a more accurate trim or shave. The designs of this kind of trimmers can get to hard-to-reach places. This makes for a smoother trim even if you have coarse hair down there. You’ll only need a comb length with a set length for your electric hair trimmer. Using the correct length makes it easier to tame the hair in your private parts.

Don’t make the mistake of using other kinds of tools not meant for this purpose. Using a tool not meant for it is a one-way ticket to a disaster. For instance, a tool meant for cutting hair elsewhere in the body or for cutting food shouldn’t be used anywhere near down there.

This also to ensure that any yeast and bacteria living in your private area don’t transfer to other parts of your body or you could develop skin diseases such as fungi or ringworm.

Before trimming, make sure to wipe down your trimmer or scissor with alcohol as well as your hands. This ensures that everything’s sterile and will no doubt help prevent different kinds of skin diseases and infections.

Going to the Actual Manscaping

Before you go to the actual manscaping, go for a shower first so the hair in your delicate area is wet. Manscaping with your pubes wet makes the shaving process much smoother. No hair will get stuck so the trimmer or shaver will glide easily you won’t get cut or nicked.

Showering also provides the opportunity for you to clean your delicate area first. Avoid using soap since it can be drying and your skin needs to be moisturized in order to achieve a smooth shave. A good alternative would be to use a wash created to be used down there. The Manscaped’s Crop Cleanser is a great example since it moisturizes the area and is also packed with vitamins!

After showering, use a moisturizer that is made of naturally lubricating materials. A good ingredient to choose for a moisturizer is aloe and should also be should alcohol-free. This is to ensure that it won’t irritate your skin.

Another excellent benefit of using a moisturizing product in that area is that it makes for a smoother shave since it lessens the likelihood of having any hair down there being pulled or tugged.

You might want to trim the hair in there as well particularly if it’s thick. Scissors are ideal to use for this purpose. Not doing this step might increase the chances of few of your hairs being stuck which can then lead to unnecessary nicks or cuts. Experts recommend that hair to be trimmed up to 1/16 of the skin surface for an easy, smoother shave that will help prevent ingrown hairs.

Make sure to also shave in the hair growth’s direction so that the trimmer or shaver will glide smoothly. This also ensures that when the hair grows back, it’s unlikely to form stubbles as well as ingrown hairs. More than that, it also prevents bumps and red spots from appearing after shaving.

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