Looking for some camera recommendations


    I have two different goals so I might need two cameras but I'd prefer to buy just one. It doesn't need to be hidden and it can plug into a wall outlet (doesn't have to be battery-operated). I prefer it didn't connect to the cloud/internet for my own privacy and safety. Max price: ~$50.

    Trying to catch the dogs counter surfing. The camera needs to live stream to the computer in my home office which is approx. 30 feet away so I can keep an eye on them while I work. It can connect to the house wifi if needed. It'd be nice if the camera has audio so I can tell them NO, but that's not mandatory as I can yell it from the office.

    Trying to capture weird stuff going on (things moving on their own, sounds, etc.) at night. This camera must have excellent quality nighttime visual and audio recording. The room where this is happening is a 10 ft x 10 ft storage room. It needs to record a minimum of 16 hours, have a time stamp, and playback on my computer.

    The camera can be used in the kitchen during the day and then moved to the storage room at night, so if I can use one camera for both purposes, that'd be ideal.

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