Impress Dad With Tech-Inspired Gifts This Year


When dad has perfected his glare of disappointment, you don’t want to be on the receiving end of his stony look. Unfortunately, with your track record of failed Father’s Day presents, you might as well schedule it for the 17th, right? Wrong! You can escape dad’s disappointment over your choice of gift by trading in a low-tech tie for a high-tech accessory. Check in with these gadgets to find a present that will impress dad. It’s a win-win when you can escape the glare and he gets a gift he wants!

A smart bird feeder

If dad is an avid bird watcher, make this season memorable with a smart bird feeder. Though the Etnobird looks like an ordinary — albeit stylish — feeder, it’s actually anything but an analogue garden accessory. It comes equipped with a smart sensor that can automatically detect visiting birds. When a bird (or several) trips these sensors, it takes photographs with its 8 MP camera. Feeder activity is shared directly with the app, so your dad can check in on stats and the viewfinder with a few swipes of his finger. He can also connect with an international network of bird feeders, giving your dad the option of watching feeders from around the world.

A smart thermometer

Despite his commitment to the grill during the summer months, dad doesn’t always get it right. One night he brings in a chicken breast so raw it might just fly off the plate. The next, he’s cooked it so long he’s practically incinerated it. Don’t let distracted grilling come between your dad and another meal by wrapping up the MorPilot wireless thermometer. Its probes can monitor the cooking temperatures of four different items. Once each reaches the ideal internal temperature, the probe will alert your dad that the food is done. He can also sync his phone with the probe, letting him watch the progress of his grill in real-time.

A customized decal

Does dad have a bad habit of dropping his Android or iPhone into the center console of his car, where it rests against coffee stains and coins pulled from his pocket? If the answer is yes, then he’s probably sporting a beat-up smartphone that looks like it has seen better days. Rescue dad from showing off a gouged and grimy device by designing him a custom decal from dbrand.

These slim decals cover the device in a durable vinyl layer that’s grime- and water-resistant. Easier to clean and harder to damage, these decals provide necessary protection from a careless user. They also offer your dad a chance to show off some personality. The newest collection from dbrand includes texturized black camo, dragon skin, hardwoods, and stone. But there’s a huge catalogue of fan favorites, including hyperblack titanium Galaxy decals and red carbon fiber iPhone skins, that makes it easy to find a unique design perfect for dad.

A cyclist’s helper

If dad’s the type to wake up before dawn on the weekends, so he can hit the road with his bicycle, a Beeline smart compass is a great accompaniment to his ride. It functions primarily as a compass, making sure your dad’s on the right track at any point of his trip. But it’s also Bluetooth compatible, so your dad can set up and save routes, log trips, and share his stats. Combine it with the quad lock bike mount to make sure his compass and smartphone stay attached, and he’ll have the perfect setup for his next ride.

A better camera lens

We can’t all invest in iPhone Xs or Pixel XL 2nd gens. Sometimes, we have to opt for the mid-range smartphone that sacrifices pixels for pennies. If your dad snaps pics using the LG Q6, he’s probably remarked that the phone doesn’t take the best photos. You can help improve the Q6’s or other smartphone’s cameras with the Amir 3-in-1 lens kit. It comes with a 180-degree fisheye lens, a 25X macro lens, and a 0.36X wide angle lens for when dad is on holiday and wants a professional panoramic shot of the Coliseum.

Your dad doesn’t have to be the geekiest man in the world to appreciate some tech. Find inspiration in his hobbies and find an accessory that complements his interests. When you find something he can use, you’re guaranteed to evade your father’s disappointment for another year.


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