IDG Contributor Network: 5 reasons why it’s important to mix and match in your cloud strategy


    The rise of the cloud settled the age-old debate about whether IT teams should choose an array of exceptional technologies from various providers, or a fully integrated stack of (mostly unexceptional) applications from a single vendor.

    Thanks to cloud computing, you can have the very best applications—and the very best clouds—for the IT tasks at hand. And you don’t have to deal with the headache of investing heavily in infrastructure and building it yourself.

    Here’s a quick look at five ways the cloud and related technologies enable your IT team to launch, integrate, scale, and secure the full spectrum of applications.

    1. You can pick the best cloud for the job

    While businesses may end up running most applications in a single cloud, there are lots of reasons to diversify and adopt a multi-cloud strategy. The major cloud infrastructure providers have individual strengths—and a well-planned multi-cloud strategy enables you to pick the cloud platform that offers the best combination of technical features, pricing, and performance for each application.  Some examples of workloads that may be better running on one hyper-scale cloud over another could be enterprise business applications, big data or high-performance computing (HPC) workloads.

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