Identifying the Right Influencer for Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing is strategy wherein companies inspire or pay ‘influencers’ to spread the word about the product or the service they have to offer. These influencers can then take forward the company’s motto to a larger audience.

Determine the context of your product

This is the first step in developing the influencer marketing strategy. You have built a product, and now you need to understand where it fits into the market. What genre, what age group, what professionals is your product suitable for?

Think from a customer’s point of view. In what way should the product be represented that it has a positive impact on them. People tend to trust the information dished out by influencers than a company page describing the features and benefits.

Get the right influencers

If your product is used in the fashion industry, then start looking for blogs, pages, social media sites for prominent figures that have influence among the general public.

It makes a difference when a fashion blogger with over 300,000 followers makes a positive remark about your product. In this case, you are targeting the blogger and not the 300,000 people following the blog.

Build your social influencer marketing strategy around the influencers. They in return will help you reach out a much larger audience, with the added bonus of positive reviews for your product or service.

Award the influencers

Influencers can either work based on the relationship they have with your company or you could hire them to speak for your product.

Draw a contract depending upon the type of publicity the influencer is ready to provide for the product/services. Expenses might also depend on how influential or famous the person is.

If the influencer is spreading out the word for you without any money given out to them, it would be nice gesture to appreciate their efforts in other ways.

You could send out sample pieces of your products, gift baskets, coupons, or discounts on other products developed by your company. These small gestures can keep the influencers happy, and that would only result in more positive feedback in your favor.

Start searching for influencers today

Get on the internet and start with your preferred social media sites to identify the top contributors. Seek help from the best content marketers to get your story right. Pick the right influencers to make the most of your influencer marketing plan.

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