Ideas for experimental study on computer networking topics


    I'm currently taking a course on computer networks as part of my masters in computer science. At the end of the semester, we perform a literature survey and conduct an experimental study to examine the properties of any networking topic of our choosing (some of the suggested topics are listed below) and then present to the class. I've been trying to think of some cool and interesting possibilities for some type of interactive program I could create that potentially utilizes everyone's smartphones in the room live during the presentation, but I haven't had any ideas that seem to fit into any of the recommended topics. Anyone have any cool ideas or inspirations?

    Suggested potential topics

    5G networks Big data and machine learning for networks Cellular networks Cloud computing/mobile cloud computing Cognitive radio networks Crowdsourcing Cyber-physical systems Datacenter networking Energy efficiency in networks Edge and fog computing/networking Fault tolerance, reliability and survivability Internet architecture Internet of Things Localization and location-based services Mobile sensing and applications Mobility management and models Multimedia networking Network economics and pricing Network management Network virtualization Overlay and peer-to-peer networks Quality-of-service and resource management Smart grid applications Social computing and networks Software-defined networking Vehicular networks Web applications and content distribution WLAN, WPAN, RFID, and NFC Wireless sensor networks

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