How To Handle An Essential AC Repair On A Small Budget



The last days of summer are always extremely hot, yet you’re always surprised when you tap open your weather app and see the forecast predicts triple digit temps made worse by muggy humidity levels. When the weather gets like this, all you want to do is hide in your air-conditioned home eating popsicles until it cools down. The last thing you need is for your air conditioner to break down with the worst of the heat still on its way. Your savings account isn’t prepared to take on the cost of its repair, but then again, you aren’t ready to suffer under the scorching heat either. What will you do?

If you’re struggling to answer this question on your own, keep reading. This guide can help you cover an unexpected repair to your vital HVAC system — any time of the year!


Why you can’t ignore the problem!

For some people, the loss of their precious air conditioner is frustrating but ultimately manageable. These people usually live on the North-West coast, and they have their AC set to a comfortable 78 throughout the season, regardless of where the needle rests. Without it, they’ll be sweaty, but they’ll survive.


It’s a health hazard

You — and millions of other Americans who live where the heat index can soar into the 130s — have your air con blasting for more important reasons than mere comfort. It’s a safety precaution. The National Weather Service revealed the heat has a higher kill count than the combined deaths resulting from tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, and lightning. Individuals who have breathing problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, and asthma are particularly vulnerable when the mercury rises to extreme temperatures.

Besides heat exhaustion and heat stroke, those who suffer from allergies and auto-immune diseases rely on the air purification processes of their air conditioner. Without it, they too risk significant medical issues.


Don’t panic — there are solutions!

If air conditioning is an essential part of your life, a breakdown is a disaster. You’re stuck between a rock and a hard place; you can’t afford to pay for its repair, but your health can’t afford to live without it. But don’t worry! You can take control of this emergency and get what you need by considering the following:


Finding an alternative cooling method

If it’s only the heat you’re concerned about, you can try cooling your home through DIY methods. If you check in with a guide to living without AC, you’ll find great ideas for how you can keep your inside temperatures low while the ones outside skyrocket. They include:

  • Shutting your blinds and windows during the day. This will block out some of the heat and all of the sun’s powerful rays.
  • Sealing any drafts. A well-insulated home doesn’t just keep you warm during the winter. It can help you keep cool in the summer. Check your windows, doors, valves, and other access points to the outside of your home to make sure their sealant or weatherstripping isn’t letting the hot air in.
  • Buying fans. A few strategically placed fans can help you keep cool. If you have a basement, use one to encourage the cool underground air upstairs.

Compared to the cost of the average AC repair — or at worst, the cost of a replacement AC — these small upgrades are minimal and shouldn’t cost you more than $50.


Deferred payment programs

HVAC repair services aren’t unsympathetic to their broke customers. Many of them have developed payment programs or financing plans to help their customers who can’t pay their invoice in one lump sum. These payment options allow you to make several payments against what you owe over a longer period of time rather than all at once. This helps you offset the impact these repairs can have on your immediate budget. Not all repair services allow a repair version of the layaway, so you need to discuss this possibility before they enter your home. If you aren’t certain how you can leverage your case, here are some ways you can negotiate to your advantage.


Borrow what you need

Personal loans, lines of credit, and other borrowing options are made for these urgent repairs. They’re used by millions of Americans to make necessary payments on bills and other responsibilities every day. For repairs that needed to be done yesterday, take the time to understand the quick payday loan options that are available. Options like MoneyKey provide payday loans in just one business day, making them ideal when you need a speedy response.


At the end of the day, keep calm

Don’t panic if your AC breaks down just as the dog days of summer threaten to roast you alive. You can make necessary repairs to your HVAC system, even if you’re broke. Consider your options carefully and choose the one that fits your finances the best. When you make decisions that complement your financial capabilities, your budget will survive the season unsinged.


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