How Can Businesses Make the Most of Office 365 Technology?


    office 365 benefitsIn 2016, there were 60 million monthly commercial Office 365 customers, and more and more businesses take advantage of the creative and innovative technology that Office 365 has to provide. While the program is inherently convenient, easy to use, and conducive to communication, there are plenty of advanced ways to take maximum advantage of all the platform has to offer. Here are just a few ways any business can make the most of Office 365 benefits and overall technology.

    Use Reports to Understand User Activity

    First, it’s important to access the Admin Center regularly to take a look at user activity. More importantly, you need to know what to do with this information. Around 58% of sensitive data in the cloud is stored in Office documents, including about 30% in Excel alone. That being said, analyzing Admin Center usage data is a great way to identify those who may need a bit of extra training or support when it comes to using the software efficiently. You can even identify those who may need to rid their inbox of large attachments to boost speed. There are countless ways to analyze data and use it to your business’s advantage.

    Visit the Admin Portal Regularly

    As mentioned, the Admin Center can tell you who needs extra training, and the Office 365 admin training and tutorials portal is perhaps the best resource for employees who have questions. This portal is essentially a collection of training resources, containing info about cloud apps, deployment, security, and more.

    Make the Most of Mobilization

    Each month, 50,000 small businesses become Office 365 customers, and it’s becoming particularly popular on mobile devices. That being said, it helps to make sure users know how to use OneDrive to access the documents they need for both their personal and work life. With OneDrive, your business and its end users are able to share, browse, and otherwise manage files within the platform directly.

    A study from BitGlass showed that Office 365 has become the number one most used enterprise cloud application. And while there are countless ways to use Office 365 benefits to your advantage, these tips can help you streamline your business security and communication. For more information about cloud migration strategies and other IT services, contact Manhattan Tech Support.

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