Fresh Content is a Good Sign of Life to Google

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We have done it, created an intelligent life that is — well, sort of. There is a peculiar intelligence with which the Google monitors and classifies websites, their interactions with other websites, visitors and customers as well as the amount of “life” or activities being generated by them.

With this in mind, it is a good idea to keep your website supplied with fresh information and content for the search engines to use a source of information for future searches.

1. More Quality Content means More Indexing

This does not mean higher indexing, although that is a likely possibility in the long run. The more often you produce fresh content, the more the search engines crawlers, like the Googlebot, will stop by to check out what’s new.

Based on the caliber of the content you produce this can be very beneficial. This is because every time the site is updated, the search engines will take notice and take a moment to reexamine the site’s position in the rankings. If they find poor content stuffed with keywords, they are sure to be disappointed — don’t disappoint the Googlebot.

If they are consistently met with content that is very popular across other platforms and therefore high quality they will be moving this site ahead of sites that fail to produce high-quality relevant content.

A word of caution, quality first, consistency next then, finally, quantity, this keeps your content effective and gaining ground in the global market.

2. More Regular Content means More Keywords

When you publish frequent quality content you are given a chance to add some more keywords to your website. Keywords are still very important to the search engines algorithms for search results and ranking.

The more you add content, even just an image, a blog post or any kind of content you can optimize the websites and keywords and increase traffic to the site.

Now before we all go keyword crazy, it is important to remember that quality of content, not keyword use is how the Googlebot decided what is worthy of higher rankings and which is just keyword-rich content with no value to a human user.

So how does one use their keywords in their content? The keywords should just be there naturally. If you are writing a piece that gives your customers an explanation, answers a question or gives them important content on your business, it is only natural that your keywords will show up in the content eventually, right?

Just don’t make the mistake of wrapping the articles around the keywords, make sure that the meta tags, descriptions and titles for your keywords are all wrapped around the content you know your readers will love.

3. Higher Quality Content Means Higher Authority

There is nothing as valuable to your efforts as becoming an authority in your own industry. The best way to arrive at this point is by following the important path to Google Favor by creating quality content.

Quality content is the kind that is referenced, reviewed shared and commented on often. A simple investigation into the competition will reveal who are the authorities in your sector, those that Google deems worth due to their levels of site saturation. The better you content the more likely that you will be accepted into this car on the gravy train.

In Closing — Fresh high quality is the way to go up on the Google Rankings. Not only is a frequently updated website a good sign of life to the Googlebot, but there is really no other way to keep the attention of your customers and clients on line if you are not constantly providing them with valuable content — and lots of human traffic is the best sign of a quality site for the search engines.


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