Five Reasons Why Roman Shades Are Great for People with Dogs



Window treatments are a great way to elevate the look of any room in your home, but it isn’t just their aesthetic appeal that makes window treatments popular. They enable you to choose the amount of natural light you want filtered into a room and they can also enhance your privacy.

Window treatments are easy to use and install too. All you have to do is hang them on your windows.

Tell that to a dog owner!

If you share your home with one or more unruly canines, you know how a simple window treatment can turn into a huge problem.

Don’t think you are stuck living with bare windows just because you have a dog! Roman shades from American Blinds are a great choice for pet parents.

They Fit Snugly Within the Window Frame

When you think of window treatments, chances are, blinds come to mind. They can be a great solution for some families. There’s a reason why they are the most popular window treatment option!

However, that doesn’t mean they’re right for everyone. If you have a dog, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

Dogs love to work their way in between and around the blinds to get a good peek outside. That is certain to damage the blinds. Instead, roman shades fit snugly within the window frame so there’s no way your pooch can weasel his way through and damage them.

They Hide Stains and Scratches

Dogs don’t care how your interior space looks. They don’t care if they get dirty either.

Many a window treatment has ended up in the garbage because they end up getting scratched when the dog tries to peek through the blinds They are also easily stained, especially if your dog pranced into the living room and decided to shake the mud off his backside before entering the kitchen.

Roman shades are great because they can be ordered in a wide variety of patterns that hide minor stains and scratches, enabling you to use them for much longer than other window treatments when you share your home with a dog.

They’re Easy to Clean

Cleaning is just part of the deal if you own a dog, and we’re not just talking about vacuuming a few more times every week either. You’ll end up cleaning things you never imagined, including your window treatments.

Roman shades are easier to clean than you think. To clean roman blinds:

  • Vacuum them with a special brush attachment
  • Spot clean the shades with an upholstery cleaner
  • Remove the dowels and wash them in the washing machine

Make sure you choose shades that are made out of materials that are easy to wash. If you live with a dog, there’s no use in choosing silk or other luxurious fabrics that can’t be thrown in the washing machine!

They Don’t Hang on the Floor

Floor-length curtains are a no-no if you share your home with a child, but they’re a no-no if you share your home with a dog too. It isn’t uncommon for dogs to try and play tug-of-war with long draperies. Not to mention, they like playing hide and seek behind them, and they’re the perfect place to hide an accident.

Roman shades don’t hang on the floor like draperies do, so your dog can’t reach them. The only way your pooch has access to the shades is if he climbs up on a chair or a couch first.

As mentioned earlier, they are also contained within the window frame. That provides your pooch with even less chances to damage them, even if he does climb on the chair or couch.

They Look Good

How your interior spaces look matters. They should be functional, but they should also be beautiful. Uncluttered spaces can reduce feelings of stress and anxiety while certain colors can lift your mood.

Many pet parents choose bare, if any, window treatments because they assume the dog will just destroy them anyway. That can leave your space looking unfinished, which in turn can bring down your mood.

Roman shades look high-end because they are! It just so happens that the way they function and fit makes them a great choice for pet parents. You really can have a beautiful space and a dog at the same time when you decorate your windows with roman blinds!

Don’t think you’re doomed to decorate your home, or not, depending on how your dog behaves. With roman shades, you can get the beautiful window treatments you’ve always wanted without worrying about your dog destroying them!


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