Cloud Native, Docker, K8s Summit


    Cloud Native, Docker, K8s Summit

    Date: September 12-13

    Location: 411 West Arapaho Road, Richardson, TX 75080

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    Cloud-Native, Docker & K8s Summit is a 2-day conference for all things related to cloud computing and virtualization technologies. That includes Docker, K8s, serverless, microservices, etc. Day 1 will be devoted to training, while conferences and talks will happen on Day 2.

    Canonical are excited to take part at this event, and will be providing on-site training as well as a presentation on our container offerings.

    On-site training

    During this session participants will learn how best to deploy and maintain K8s on Ubuntu on GPGPU-powered servers, and operate standard AI and machine learning tools on top of that cluster. The session will be technical and is aimed at people who want to create multicloud machine learning / AI workflows that span on-premise servers and cloud services like GKE.

    Participants can expect to gain an understanding of how Kubernetes can be setup for production deployment across multiple public + private clouds and bare metal. Participants will also get an overview of the tools available for Kubernetes that make workloads for machine learning, AI, and modeling possible as well. In addition, participants will deploy a Kubernetes cluster and train / test a machine learning model.


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