Best Websites for Building Computers


Building your own computer can be an exciting experience. It’s fun to scour for parts you will need, where to buy them and to combine features for your dream machine.

Getting the entire building process right the first time, however, requires unique skills and knowledge.

We understand that building a computer can be labor-intensive. If you find that making your first build a success can be tricky, seek out for professional technical support.

Save your sanity. Here are top three computer building websites we’ve gathered that can construct a fine rig for you:

Falcon Northwest:


Falcon is known for being the pioneers in Gaming PC since 1992. They are infamous for exquisite craftsmanship when it comes to customizing your computer. Although it’s one of the pricey options in the market, it claims to be a state of the ark website for building a computer.

As one of the best computer building websites, Falcon Northwest believes and stands by to the following work principles:

  • Each of their clients is unique, and this makes no two PCs created under them to be completely identical.

  • They work closely with clients when it comes to custom building their systems.

  • They provide clients with samples as a guide in choosing the exact hardware that will satisfy their needs.

  • The level of customization Falcon Northwest offers ranges from your system’s component loadout to the laser-etched nameplate explicitly crafted for you.

  • Falcon boasts of having one technician building a single system for only one client.


At Falcon, PCS is not made through assembly lines. Every Falcon product is designed, built and supported in the Pacific Northwest. Nothing is outsourced. Systems are built to order, and technicians work on them by hand.

Being a top choice in computer building online, Falcon also prides themselves on:

  • Producing highly optimized BIOS, a custom “Rescue Drive,” a USB stick you can use to restore your PC’s system to factory-fresh state if in case it experiences any software corruption such as malware damage.

  • Case-wise, Falcon, also delivers unique case designs that are custom-made and uses automotive-quality paint finishes. They cater to simple color schemes down to complex color-shifting hues and custom airbrushing.

Overall, Falcon Northwest showcases their superb performance in every minute detail of tech work your PC needs.


Falcon’s burn-in testing also elevates their status into a sought-after computer building website. They claim that their “testing is unlike anyone else.”

To prove their hardcore testing ability:

  • Falcon Northwest proudly shares an exclusive clientele of “mission-critical” organizations. These include businesses working with forensic analysis, law enforcement and even the military.

  • To give you an idea how hard testing is at Falcon, every system gets a three-day exhaustive “burn-in” testing to detect any weak components, harnessing the best hardware possible you can depend on.

Falcon reveals that they do months of stress simulation through synthetic and real-world applications on top of multiple rounds of quality checks and benchmark tests. To prove it, they also provide you with a checklist.


A lifetime tech support is offered to clients choosing Falcon Northwest. This is open seven days a week from 9am-6pm Pacific Time.

All Falcon custom-made desktops are subjected to a three-year warranty except for the Talon variant. Individual systems within the nearby United States also comes with a one-year Falcon overnight service, which covers system pick-up service, repair, and returns back to you through an overnight courier.

Key service offering:

  • A 30-day money back guarantee is offered.

  • Custom paintwork, however, is non-refundable once the painting has commenced.

  • Customers are given a binder of system documentation

  • Customers can avail of a “Rescue Drive” to restore factory settings on their PC.

  • It offers a lifetime tech support and a Falcon Overnight Service.

Puget Systems:


Similar to Falcon Northwest, Puget Systems has been around the computer building website industry for a while. It has custom-built high-end PC since 2000. Being dubbed as one of the best computer building websites in the market, Puget Systems offers convenient services such as burn-in testing, customer support, and PC warranty. They also put special focus on things like:

  • Ensuring that the rigs they assemble for you run smoothly and quietly as possible.

  • They keep your machine’s sound down through excellent soundproofing.

  • They are also known for providing systems equipped with high-quality fans.

  • PC Gamers aren’t their only target clients; they also customize rigs tailored-fit for graphic designers, video editors and other PC users with high-standard system demands.

  • At Puget Systems, pre-built computer systems are also available.


Puget System builders anchor their reputation on honest reviews by their satisfied clients. Based on customer testimonials, here’s what we’ve rounded up when it comes to Puget System’s PC performance:

  • Custom-built computers are built to cater to each client’s specific needs and are made to last.

  • Impeccable systems arrive at your doorstep in pristine condition. It is also equipped with neat cable work.

  • PCs built by Puget Systems can run for even 6 years without any glitches, quick tech support is also readily available for all clients.

  • Purchase custom-built PCs that are completely fast, quiet and reliable. All packaged in a huge box to keep it safe and includes a helpful binder detailed with unboxing instructions.

  • Puget’s customer service is top-notch. They will walk you through every step in customizing your PC down to the final purchase and additional tech support.


Puget Systems stick to a reliable “burn-in” process to stress any components affected by manufacturing defects due to damage in shipping. By highlighting these affected parts, Puget System’s tech team can quickly fix or replace them once they break. To ensure that only flawless hardware leaves their facility, Puget Systems commit to a 6-hour burn-in process which includes:

  • High-amount of stress is placed on individual components.

  • is used to test memory and stress the CPU at the same time.

  • Once the operating system is installed, and drivers are updated, dozens of benchmark and games are used to test the system further.

  • The data gathered from the benchmark tests are then used to assess whether your PC is running smoothly based on their standards.

  • The utilities employed to check the hardware’s full capacity is FurMark and Prime95. The video card is stressed to an extreme degree through FurMark while CPU cores and memory is evaluated by the Prime95.

  • All aspects of your PC systems run to its hottest limit simultaneously.

  • Stable operation is assured by monitoring your PC’s temperature level and ensure it gets adequate cooling.

  • The estimated timeframe in detecting any memory problems are within 5 minutes while issues in temperature are found within an hour.


Puget Systems babbles about customer satisfaction through top-tier quality control practices. Aside from a steadfast burn-in testing, this leading computer building website counts on their 110 point quality control system to ensure that all machines are true value for your money.

A detailed account of their quality control checkpoints your PC runs through can be accessed at

Meanwhile, your tech support team at Puget Systems are trained to offer the most comprehensive warranty policies in the online computer building industry. Here’s why satisfied returning clients rave about their warranty:

  • Labor warranty and technical support is a lifetime.

  • Every Puget Systems PC is backed up their technical support to render services, covering hardware issues, available for life.

  • Parts and shipping warranties are valid for a year and are upgradable to two to three years.

  • PC repairs required within the first 30 days of warranty, Puget Systems will shoulder shipping costs in both directions within the United States.

  • If your warranty reaches expiration, Puget Systems will still happily accommodate queries and could even offer computer fixes with zero labor costs.

  • The company’s liability, however, is limited only to damages not caused by improper packing on the client’s end.

Key service offering:

  • Proven track record as shown by candid customer testimonials and media reviews

  • High-performance PC, quality parts, construction, and comprehensive service.

  • Lifetime labor and technical support.

  • Enjoy a spirit of transparency from their reliable technical support team

  • Responsive customer service

Digital Storm


Having been in the online computer building industry for decades, Digital Storm vaunts about their capacity to build the “world’s most advanced PC.” Began in 2002, Digital Storm has made a mark in unique systems crafted for PC gaming clients. However, regardless of what your PC system requirements are, Digital Storm is ready to offer you a custom-built system that is at par with the craftsmanship and power of their specialty PC gaming systems.

Being one of the best websites for building computers, Digital Storm takes serious work on developing your dream machines and lives out to:

  • Produce custom gaming computers that are distilled with passion and commitment to continuous advancement.

  • Build every single gaming PC by the careful hands of the skilled technical workforce.

  • Each process including assembly testing and quality assurance is done in-house to preserve top-tier customer service.


In doing the actual work, Digital Storm leaves only traces of unprecedented technical performance. They execute this by making sure that:

  • Squeeze out optimum performance from every PC you order.

  • Unlock its maximum system capacity by laying down essential foundation such as these individual components: layout, wiring, power delivery and chassis airflow.

  • Digital Storm’s unparalleled Hydrolux-cooling loops, custom chips, and controllers are shaped in the form fit to your needs.

  • Laser-etching for your custom-built desktop or laptop is flawless.

  • Components and other peripherals such as keyboards, gaming headsets, etc. are available in tip-top form.


Along with Falcon Northwest and Puget Systems’ first-rated “burn-in” testing, Digital Storm also assures it clients that every hardware goes through high-performing stress tests. These covers:

  • Benchmark tests run in a series to analyze storage, processor, memory, graphic cards and even your PC’s power supply.

  • A second-level stress test is applied by a certified Digital Storm technician before releasing it to their quality assurance team for final checks.


PC experts at Digital Storm understand that no matter how advanced your PC is, it will still require follow-up support to a certain extent. To assure you that they’ve got your back once this happens, Digital storm provides technical assistance in ways such as:

  • Lifetime expert support from Digital Storm’s in-house professional team.

  • Quick and efficient response to any of your computer’s technical needs.

Key service offering:

  • Proven track record as shown by candid customer testimonials and media reviews

  • High-performance PC, quality parts, construction, and comprehensive service.

  • Rated A+ from BBB for a decade worth of outstanding performance in the online computer building business.

Build it wisely

When it comes to finding the best websites for building computers, you need to have a concrete view of what kind of PC you will need first.

By understanding the basics of your PC system requirements, we are confident you can spot the right website for you.

We hope that these three websites we’ve outlined will guide you through the process of building your PC wisely.


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