An Overview Of Colocation IT Infrastructure

An Overview Of Colocation IT Infrastructure

If you have heard of a colocation center, it is something that is used for providing Internet services and bandwidth for companies. This isn’t a household microwave or laptop, these are supercomputers. At these locations, you are able to keep servers at a constant temperature, under a secure lock and key. The servers that are there can provide the bandwidth, memory, and everything that is used to create networks of computer systems.

They can be accessed from remote locations, regardless of where your company is, and they are managed and maintained by professionals that are constantly monitoring these systems. Let’s look at the infrastructure that is used with these colocation centers and how you could benefit from working with one of these businesses.

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Configuration Of Colocation Centers

The configuration that you find is going to be configured with cabinets, cages, modules, and suites. The cabinets are where the racks are located where the servers are position. It’s very easy for these companies to add additional servers into the racks and connect everything together. Essentially, when you have a server that you are paying for, they are running off of these physical pieces of hardware, all within these colocation centers. The cages are specifically designed for dedicated server space.

They are going to be raised off of the floor, and they are secure. People are not able to access them without the proper keys or lock combinations, and they are also secured to the floor. This will prevent them from being knocked down. The suites are in reference to private server space. This is where the cages are located. Modules referred to how everything is interconnected. It is what many people refer to as a data center. With this basic overview of colocation IT infrastructure, you can understand how it all works together. It is simply a physical location where servers are housed. It allows them to be expanded upon if necessary, simply adding more physical servers to the racks within the cages. Despite the similarity between most of these companies, you are going to find that many of them are charging extremely high prices for the same type of services.

How Do You Get Good Deals On These Colocation Centers?

The best deals tend to come from companies that are just starting with their business. They will probably be marketing very heavily. This could be in a local paper, or it could be sent directly to different businesses that are in the city where these colocation centers are located. The other possibility is that you are working with a large company that is able to discount their prices from time to time. They are going to generate a substantial amount of the revenue on the volume of customers that they have that are using their services on a monthly basis.

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How To Compare The Different Ones That Are Available

The different ones that are available will include those that specifically cater to businesses that are medium to large in size. This would be corporations that are likely multimillion dollar businesses. There are others that will provide colocation services for smaller businesses. These are likely companies that have less than 500 employees.

The prices that you pay are going to be discounted if you are a larger business. That is because you are taking advantage of more of their services at the same time. Keep that in mind as you are evaluating each one, plus checking the Better Business Bureau, or any other website that can attest to the validity of these companies that offer these services.

Does It Take Long To Have An Account Set Up?

It’s not going to take very long at all to set your account up. In fact, most people can have this done by the day. Of course, it depends on how many servers you need, and the company that you are working with. Those that are more efficient can do so in just a few hours. Connecting with the server is not going to be difficult. They will send you the login information once they have set up the server or servers that you are renting. All of the information that you need will be sent to you, however, if you have any problems you can always contact their tech support issues that you may have.

Do You Have To Use One In Your City?

You do not have to use colocation centers in your city. You may find that the ones that are local or more expensive than those that might be a couple of states away. There are many businesses that have customers that are thousands of miles away from their main data center. This is common because it really doesn’t matter where they are located. Your job is to simply evaluate all of the ones that you can find that can give you the bandwidth and memory that you need. Also, consider how long they have been in business, and look for reviews that have been left online. This is information that comes directly from customers that were either pleased with or not happy with, the services that were rendered.

This overview of colocation IT infrastructure should help you understand how these different businesses work. They are simply a hub for where servers are located for what could be millions of customers around the world. Everything is kept in a secured area, and the temperature is constant, ensuring the highest possible performance. They are also guarded, locked away from people that may try to damage these machines. Whether you are a large corporation, or a small business starting out, you may want to consider using a colocation service provider that can help your business grow.


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