7 Good Reasons Why We Start a Blog


Did you, at any time, ask yourself, what made you own a blog initially, or why do you have to even own one? Today, on the Internet, there are over 75 million sites, and it is intriguing to know, as to what reasons do people have for them to have even started one?

Until recently, generating money online had not been easy for normal people just like us. Four and a half years ago, it was challenging to earn on the Net — right up until the Web 2.0 era came about. In order for us, in that moment, to make money, it’s necessary to create a site, heavily advertise it, and aggressively promoting it to different marketplaces in order to obtain huge exposures.

Nowadays, everything has been simplified. Blog numbers—in terms of readers and sales – has increased in volume every day, and almost everyone who have heard good things about blogs wants to own one. So, exactly why? Let’s come up with some explanations:

One: Glory. Vanity has been, is and will be always there. Folks wish to be renowned. Is that surprising? Look at the amount of amazing folks you came to know and appreciate just because they blog. Seth Godin, Dorrie Pavlina, Darren Rowse—would you have known these people if not for blogging?

Two: Self-expression. Everybody is into blogging nowadays simply because it gives them a charge of vitality. Personally, I’ve developed this blog on the reason that I want to be able to discuss my own thoughts with many like-minded people… Why not? There are even fellas who are the pros in different areas, but their opinions are not know simply because they don’t have a platform to express themselves. Internet is therefore, a way for us to reach out to the mass and make a difference.

In my opinion, Internet hasn’t fully developed yet, so I do not dismiss the chances of this to happen — that folks will only become famous in the real life AFTER they got famous on the web. If that happens, blogging is extremely important for public figures such as celebrities or politicians, keeping in mind how society reacts to technological advancements nowadays.

Three: Career. For many, blogging and site-building is an actual job. Publications and companies hire seasoned bloggers to write about their new products and various announcements. Just like what I published in my Occupation Bloggger, the rough or estimated salary of these kinds of bloggers residing within the US is approximately $2000 – 3000 per month.

Four: Selling own goods. Through the World Wide Web, we can commence selling our own products locally and internationally, right from the minute it’s created. This is true particularly if you have electronic merchandise like ebook or beneficial software to sell. The World Wide Web is undoubtedly one of the best tools for you to leverage on, especially blogs. It will help people know more about your products easily and for free.

Five: Selling affiliate products. Recently, there are numerous courses that are taught by various seasoned marketers that are intended to help almost anyone wishing to promote affiliate products to succeed in the game, purely through the use of blogs. You can learn more about these courses by conducting a quick search online.

Six: To lend a helping hand. Yes, sure, yes… And why not? I came across many sites of family doctors, workers from the zoo, and radio engineers who write about what we should carry out or do when put in different scenarios.

Seven: Profitable income. And in the end, people are blogging usually do so for the aim of making big profits. Look at John Chow. I’m not necessarily against him, but my website generates $18,000, even when I didn’t have that intention of making money in mind when I first created it. Many people see blogging as a highly profitable business. I read that Engadget makes approximately $100,000 each month from their blog. These people surely won’t have any financial difficulties, right? 🙂

We all have diverse views. Nevertheless, we are all identical because blogging connects us together as one. Let’s generate more blogs and advertise them and have fun with this process – blogging gives us the opportunities to be connected with similar people living across the globe.


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