6 Tips for Choosing the Best Security System for Your Home


Installing a security alarm system is one of the best ways to protect your home against intruders and burglars. In a study conducted last 2017, it was found out that properties with combinations of security devices (including security alarms, CCTV cameras, double door locks and security chains, and window locks and bars or grills) are protected about 50 times more than those without any kind of security.


If you want to secure and protect your home, family, and possessions from intruders, you can start by getting one of the best. Also known as security systems, burglar alarms are effective pieces of technology you can rely on to protect your property, loved ones, and valuable belongings from unscrupulous trespassers.

Investing in the Right Home Burglar Alarm


Selecting the best security system for your household will enable you to have peace of mind day or night, whether you’re at home or not. Here are some tips to help you choose the security system to invest in for your home:

  1. Find out if you can have a burglar system installed in your home


First, know if you are allowed to have a security system installed in your house. If you own the property, this is usually not a problem.


However, if you are renting, you will need to check with your landlord first if you can have a burglar system installed on your rented property. This is because your installation company might make changes to the interior and exterior of the home, especially if you choose to have a wired security system.

  1. Know the pros and cons of both wired and wireless systems


Security systems can be classified into either wired or wireless.


    • A wired system requires more work on the part of the installer since wires will have to be run through walls and there will be a fair amount of drilling and hammering.  


However, the big advantage of a wired system is that it will be connected to the main control panel which is plugged into a power outlet in your home. As such, you won’t have to worry about changing batteries or component signal strength.


    • A wireless burglar system, on the other hand, is easier and less expensive to install. There are no wires to run aside from the electrical cord on the control interface. Sensors can be installed on the walls with the use of screws or bolts or adhesive backing.  


Before choosing which type of security system to get, make sure you know the ins and outs of both wired and wireless types, their cost, and the installation process.


You can then select the one that will be more advantageous for you in terms of price, quickness, and simplicity of installation.

  1. Consider the system’s monitoring and alert features


Having your burglar system monitored is always the best decision you can make because you will have someone who will notify you immediately when an alarm is triggered. It will also enable the local authorities to provide a quicker response.


Your security system’s alert system will also give you up-to-date notifications of things that happen in your home. You will receive a notification on your smartphone or tablet if someone tries to enter your home.


However, you need to have a system that has smart monitoring and alert function.  You have to choose a system that understands what normally happens at home and whether you need to know about it. You should also be able to set up or navigate the alert system easily or with little help so that you won’t get swamped with alerts about daily activities.


  1. Think about the other the features you want your system to have


Most modern security alarm systems can now be linked to other home automation features. As such, consider if you want them connected or if you want just one app to use for your burglar system.


In addition, consider the device that you will use: do you want a touchscreen keypad that looks sleek or will a conventional one do?

  1. Know all the charges up front


Make sure you know how much the system costs, including any additional fees. These include the initial installation charges and monthly monitoring fees.


In general, prices for home security services and systems will vary based on the level of protection and type of technology used. Make sure you compare the prices of similar systems and services so that you can select the best one.


Talk to your insurance agent as well since some systems may qualify you for a discount on homeowners’ premiums.

  1. Go with a reputable security system installation company


Lastly, the best domestic security system will accommodate your lifestyle, security requirements, and budget. But aside from choosing a company that can offer all of these, select one that is trustworthy.


Ask for recommendations from other homeowners and even business owners. Take the time to verify the status and reputation of your potential security system installation company, too.


Before signing up with your provider, request for a copy of the contract. If you choose to have your security system monitored by your installing company or a third-party monitoring center, know the length of the contract. Find out what your options are if you are not satisfied with their services.  Make sure you understand all the terms and conditions before signing anything as well.  


With a great security system and a trusted and reliable provider, you can be sure you’re off to a good start in having the right piece of technology that will help protect your home and everyone and everything that matters most to you.



Michael Dunne created Safecell Security Ltd in 2001 and acquired Authorized Access in 2013. He is now Managing Director of both companies and oversees the strategic development and day to day running of the businesses. Michael has spent over 20 years in the security industry and specialises in the Design, Installation, Maintenance and Commissioning of electrical security systems such as Intruder Alarms, Fire Alarms, CCTV, Warden Control and Access Control and all Physical security including Key Cutting, Safe & Lock Picking, Suited Key Systems, Automated Barriers & Gates and Shutters, throughout the North West of England.


  1. I agree that you want to find out how much an alarm control system costs, including any additional fees, before you choose their services. It would be good to consider this because it would help you plan your finances. My husband and I need an alarm system after someone broke into our home while we were out and our teenage daughter was sleeping in her room. When we consider this, we’ll have to consider how much the system will cost.


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