3 Reasons Quality Cloud Storage is Necessary For Large Businesses


    meraki support teamIt’s no secret that a high quality IT infrastructure is necessary for the success of virtually any business. But for large businesses, the stakes are even higher. Up to 80% of IT budgets are used for routine maintenance, but for larger businesses, one slip up in cloud storage or IT security can have disastrous results. Here are just a few reasons why quality cloud storage is an absolute necessity for large businesses.

    Allows IT Department Reduction

    There are three basic parts to cloud computing: infrastructure, platform, and software. Unlike traditional storage, this means that cloud options require significantly less equipment and oversight. This allows large businesses to reallocate their resources to other essential departments.

    “Every time you add new technology, software, or servers, your IT department becomes strained and you’re eventually forced to hire new employees. While your IT department won’t disappear altogether, an investment in cloud storage takes away a major in-house responsibility and allows you to shrink your IT budget,” writes Drew Hendricks on allBusiness.

    Decreases Risk of Data Losses/Breaches

    About 80% of cloud adopters saw improvements within six months of moving to the cloud, and one major improvement involves the security of your business’s data. A shocking study shows that only 6% of large companies survive more than two years after a data loss or data breach. At the same time, more than half of survey respondents say their organization currently transfers sensitive or confidential data to the cloud, which makes proper support and security an essential component of overall business success.

    Maximizes Overall Flexibility

    Finally, investing in quality cloud storage and a Meraki support team ensures that your employees have maximum flexibility when it comes to where and how they can access work related documents. This benefits your business in more ways than one: it can increase productivity, minimize downtime, and even increase employee satisfaction. Contact firewall experts to hear about your options.

    Don’t wait until your large business experiences a devastating data loss or breach — invest in the security and integrity of your business with cloud storage solutions. For more information about selecting a Meraki reseller or finding a professional Meraki support team, contact Manhattan Tech Support.

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