10 Influencer Marketing Hacks To Crush It


Influencer marketing is one such marketing technique that has helped brands promote themselves widely and effectively. It makes use of individuals who have influence over a large number of people and their potential buyers. This method of marketing has helped companies grow and sell their products hence brands need to use it smartly. There are multiple ways, businesses can make use of it in a rather effective manner. With the businesses that are using this method of marketing. Following are 10 influencer marketing hacks with which one can make maximum use of it:

  1. Picking The Right Person

To start off, a brand must initially be very mindful while picking or listing out their potential personage which wouldn’t come from alcohol rehab of St Louis striving for best employees is the goal. Whether an influencer is appropriate for a particular brand or product is a key thing to consider. A brand must first see if the individual can correlate with them. Not all bloggers can talk about the new range of summer clothing Ralph Lauren has come up with. Specific fashion bloggers will have to be chosen by that particular brand. No matter how influential, not every person can help promote one’s business.

  1. Using The Right Approach

When approaching the right influencer, a brand must initially lay out the right ways of reaching out to the individual. It can vary depending on what product a brand produces. One such example is Tarte since it is a well-known brand for cosmetics, the team approaches its potential advertisers by sending them PR packages as well as planning trips to well-known destinations such as the Maldives and Bora Bora Island. The influencers they pick are most commonly Youtubers, hence when their subscribers watch their vlogs the brand name is circulated amongst the audience. Similarly, this very approach may not work for brands such as IKEA.

  1. Target audience

One thing brands need to focus on is if the influencer is reaching out to the target audience. Different brands have different types of people to reach out to depending on the use of their product. The audience may differ either in age groups, gender or some other category. A brand selling nutritional supplements will not approach a popular makeup artist for example because the people following that individual are not looking for workout products necessarily, instead, they follow him/her for the makeup they promote. However, a brand like ADIDAS will approach well-known sportsmen such as Lionel Messi so that the fans following him, who are also football fans, purchase their products.

  1. Number Of Followers

The number of followers of a person must not be the basis for selecting them to promote one’s brand. Not everyone with a high fan following may be suitable for a particular brand. Similarly, not every person can promote every brand. Dwayne Johnson has a large fan base, 106 million followers on Instagram, to be precise. He, however, is an inappropriate figure to promote brands like Victoria’s Secret. Also, popular child stars, for example, are not the right choice for the brands that produce products commonly used by adults. Therefore, a brand needs to keep in mind that the popularity of an individual should not be their priority while choosing them as a brand promoter.

  1. Keeping Track Of The Influencer

Brands should always be careful of and keep track of their promoter’s life because that individual is also the face of that brand. Since the supporters of that influencer associate him/her with that brand, their actions may affect public’s opinion about the brand as well. No brand would like a person who is disrespected, to promote their product because it will lead to a bad brand image. A company needs to be careful about who they are selecting as their influencer since it plays a huge role in changing people’s opinion about the brand itself.

  1. Using All The Platforms

Social media is a growing platform hence brands must look out for all the possible places they can promote their brand through. Facebook and Instagram, though widely used, are not the only modes of representing one’s product. With time there has been an increase in the number of websites and applications used by people hence more opportunities for brands to share their products. Therefore companies should stay updated as to where their target audience is in abundance and make use of all the possible social media handles.

  1. Staying Updated

Similarly, a brand also needs to stay updated as to what trends and what techniques of marketing are being used by the other brands. Staying up to date is key when it comes to marketing for example if we look back a few years ago, no brand used to use snapchat as a medium of influencer marketing, however, now it is very commonly used. Mainstream techniques are not everyone’s cup of tea especially the brands that are start-ups. As time progresses, so does peoples ideology and preferences. Hence, companies must look out what updates may affect their brand in what manner.

  1. Measuring Performance

For effective marketing, brands must look out for their progress. They must keep track of which social media handle or which approach is helping them progress. This further helps them make future decisions that are healthy for the business. If approaching a certain influencer has not led to their improvement, this will help them analyze what changes they might need to bring in their marketing strategy. Companies that make use of graphs and statistics are more efficient and much more advanced.

  1. Representing Key Features

A company must be well aware of what features of their products are more significant. Not everything about a good needs to be laid out while marketing it. Instead, only the features that make it unique matter to the audience. Apple, for example, will not advertise the fact that iPhone 8 is able to store multiple contact numbers since this feature does not make it stand out. The brand will, however, market how the new iPhone has better camera quality or a wider range of colors. Therefore, a brand must first figure out what makes its product different from the ones similar to it and focus on that feature.

  1. DO NOT Wait For a Quick Response

Influencer marketing, as effective as it is, may not be the fastest method of achieving a particular response. Certainly, it leads to a considerable out-turn, but it is not the quickest of the methods. This impactful mode of marketing has its own drawback and hence brands must keep in mind that they may not instantly get their desired outcome. A lot of initial investment is required, however, on the bright side, it guarantees moderate responses. Therefore, one must not expect an instant turn out and wait for a brief amount of time.


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