10 Easy Steps to Find the Right Vaporizer

10 Easy Steps to Find the Right Vaporizer

It can be very difficult to make a decision about the best vaporizer when you’re new to the world of vaping. Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for, it becomes easy to choose the perfect vape.

Unfortunately, the marketplace has a number of vaporization technologies that can be overwhelming when looking for the best product. To help you determine the best vaporizer, we’ve narrowed down your options in just a few steps. Here are ten easy steps to find the right vaporizer.

  1. Determine your cannabis product

There are three primary options when it comes to vaping. You can choose to go with dry herbs which can either be blends of herbs or tobacco. Typically, they’re often ground before use to achieve the best results.

Although oils and waxes are mostly used for aromatherapy, they can also be used for vaping. Various combination models will give you the flexibility of vaping with blends, oils or waxes. Most often, you’ll need an additional accessory to add the oil/wax vaping capability.

  1. Think about where you will vape

Vaporizers are available in many designs and each one of them may give you a certain degree of freedom depending on where you want to use it. Consider a portable vaporizer if you need to medicate on-the-go.

Small pens or handheld devices give you more discretion especially when you’re around children. A larger desktop model may give you a superior vaping experience but tends to be more costly than the portables. Its large size won’t allow you to come along with the device on your next vacation. It’s a big vaporizer that often stays put at home.

  1. Choose the type that best suits you

It’s easier to make a decision on whether to have a portable or a desktop vaporizer. However, they come in a variety of models too and you need to be wise when making choices.

The primary types of handheld models include battery-powered vaporizers which use rechargeable batteries and are considered to be the most efficient portable models. The flame vaporizers are heated with an ordinary lighter while butane vaporizers need to be filled with butane to vape. The tabletop models include whip vaporizers, bag vaporizers, and dual vaporizers which offer different vaping experiences.

  1. Determine the temperature of your vaporizer

Setting the right temperature for your vaping device depends on the effect or purpose you seek to achieve. The optimal range often lies between 356–410 °F/180–210°C. Cannabinoids are available in various types and each will have different temperatures of evaporation.

It’s important to play around with the settings on your vape to find different quality highs and different vaping flavors. The mixture of compounds exponentially increases as you increase the temperature. So start low and work your way up.

  1. Set your budget

There’s no doubt that more expensive devices offer better features and build quality than other models. Setting your budget involves the amount of money you’re willing to spend on your vaporizer.

Not all vapers may go for the skyrocketing prices but it is possible to settle on the best vaporizer without sacrificing quality. Perfect examples are Arizer Air II vaporizer, Davinci IQ vaporizer, PAX 3 vaporizer, and other such branded vaporizers.

  1. Heating element

Different materials will always give you a different range of temperatures. For instance, ceramic is capable of withstanding high temperatures. This means that it requires a large amount of heat before anything inside can turn into gas.

When choosing your heating element, you have to ensure that it is solidly constructed that no wires within its proximity could emit toxins. 

  1. Size of your vaporizer

Smaller vaporizers tend to combust herbs and many wouldn’t want this to happen because it affects the taste and might be useless for health reasons.  That’s the reason why you need to choose the most appropriate type of a vaporizer. You can always choose the best among the small models which might be a little costly but efficient.

The larger size of desktop vaporizers allows more advanced features such as the convection-type heating mechanism. Typically, they use fans to deliver hot air to the herbs. This gets rid of the direct contact with the source of heat that otherwise leads to combustion.

  1. Consider the materials used

It’s essential to pay attention to the materials used in making the device for the safest vaporization experience. Plastics are dangerous compounds that are likely to build gasses in situations where they are exposed to heat or critical changes in temperature.

Avoid vaporizers that have plastic materials near a heating element. They always release toxic chemicals that can significantly affect your health. Other metals can be problematic when they oxidize at high temperatures as they may release potential carcinogens right into your vaping product.

  1. Your level of experience

Finding the right vaporizer also depends on your experience level in the world of vaping. It’s advisable to start low as you work your way up if you are a beginner. Over time, you become acquainted with the higher models because of regular practice and daily use.

The seasoned vapers don’t mind the price provided the vapor quality and performance are dominant. Your level of experience also determines the type of vaporizer you need to choose.

  1. Consider the quality

With the product, discretion and budget in mind, you’re sure to get the best vaporizer for you. However, quality is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a vaping device.

It’s always advisable to purchase vaporizers that are manufactured by reputable companies as they focus on producing quality products for their customers. Most of the top models tend to be pricey because of the advanced features and materials used in their composition.

Although it looks costly, it becomes a great investment once you get to know how best it works and the vaping experience you get every time you use it. It’s also possible to get an affordable vaporizer that has great quality. Always take your time to exhaust all the options before making a purchase decision.


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